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Are you looking for a salon home?

We are looking to hire stylists who are passionate about their craft. As a salon we specialize in lived-in hair color, cuts and the Mane Luxe Extension method. Whether you're a brand-new stylist fresh out of school or a seasoned stylist with years of experience we are looking to bring people onto our team that share our same vision and culture!

Our Mission

Mane & Co. is a small niche salon whose main focus is natural looking

extensions at any length, color or texture. We pride ourselves in being

knowledgeable in the best “hand tied” methods out there. The methods we have

grown to love for the natural lived in styles we create are Mane Luxe and Natural Beaded rows extensions.

We love these brands because like us they

take education and their methods seriously. They both have pre-training, in

person training, monthly mastermind memberships as well as ongoing education

for stylists that are certified or licensed. In the growing world of “extension

specialists” this is an important part to any extension method and one we value

at our salon.

Salon Vision

When I established Mane & Co., my goal was to create a salon that values

the creativity, growth, and innovation of its stylists. I sought to cultivate an

environment where stylists could work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and

putting ego aside to create stunning hair.

What sets us apart is how our stylists come together to solve color

challenges and help clients determine their desired outcome. The

camaraderie and support we have for each other is evident to our clients,

who frequently compliment the seamless flow of our salon. They feel

comfortable seeing any stylist we have.

I am looking for stylists who share our vision of teamwork. Our current

stylists are exceptional because they are not afraid to ask for help or admit

when they don't know something. We have a strong learning culture and

enjoy educating each other on the latest trends. We collaborate on

formulating colors and mapping out techniques to create the hairstyles

featured in the inspiration photos our clients share with us.

At Mane & Co., we prioritize both enjoyment and hard work. If this

resonates with you, then you have found the right place!

Our Culture

Our salon culture is defined by a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Our stylists collaborate and support each other to deliver exceptional beauty experiences to their customers. In this environment, hard work and effective communication are paramount, as they enable our team to effectively meet the unique and evolving needs of our clientele.

Successful stylists embrace hands-on learning and have a true passion for their craft, which fuels their eagerness to learn and innovate. Furthermore, they are willing to receive constructive criticism to improve their skills and stay ahead of industry trends.

At Mane & Co. every member of our team feels empowered and motivated to succeed, which ultimately translates to satisfied customers and a thriving business.

When our stylists are happy, our clients are happy!

The client experience

At Mane & Co salon, we understand that our clients come to us for more than just a haircut or color. Our clients invest thousands in their hair extensions and other color services, and we believe that the salon experience should reflect that investment.

When our clients are in the chair, we want it to be an experience, not just another appointment. From providing specially brewed coffees and other beverages to offering snacks, we ensure that our clients feel pampered and appreciated. Our expert stylists also engage in meaningful conversations, making sure that our clients leave not only with fabulous hair but also with an unforgettable experience.

At Mane & Co salon, we strive to exceed your expectations every time you visit us.


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