We specialize in lived in color, extensions and medium to long length cuts and styles.

We are all independent contractors at Mane & Co. therefore pricing is a little different for everyone. To book an appointment Click the link below and fill out our form. * Quotes for all services are available upon request*

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At Mane & Co. we use Oribe and Iles Formula hair products, We love these brands and feel they complement each other well. Oribe is a big name luxury brand that is known by most people for their Dry Texture Spray, one of our top sellers!

Iles Formula is a small batch brand that was created to heal all textures, densities and any damage from styling and/or coloring. Iles formula is made and shipped right out of California (made in the USA).

Both these brands are gluten free, paraben/ sulfate free and vegan.

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Our Extension Methods: Natural Beaded Rows Extensions & Mane Luxe

WHY these extension methods?

  • Minimal Points of Contact. Most extension methods have 100+ points of contact on the head. These methods have 10-15 per row.
  • No Heat, No glue, No Tape, No Mess. Since there's no glue/tape involved the removal process takes about 10 minutes.
  • Less Damage, Hide Better and WON'T Slip Out. Because we custom color your hair and the wefts, they seamlessly blend into your hair. We color the extensions to blend and fade with your hair, not the other way around.


  • Confidence
  • Custom color blend
  • Low maintenance styling
  • Thicker, fuller hair
  • Volume
  • Added length

A Boutique Salon

What to Expect.

High maintenance to be low maintenance. What does that mean? It means that you will need to fully style your hair after you wash it. This includes blow-drying and hot tool styling but, with the use of dry shampoo, you generally don't need to put too much effort into styling it until you wash it again. Style right after you wash it. Utilize your dry shampoo and you can go 2-3 ( I can usually go 4) days without having to wash and style again.

6-8 week maintenance to move up NBR.

7-10 week maintenance to move up Mane Luxe

The hand-tied wefts can last up to 6 months if properly conditioned and maintained, before the hair needs to be replaced. It is recommended to color them if the color is fading or getting brassy. This is what keeps them looking so seamless and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between these 2 methods?

Not much, but we have created a Venn diagram to help explain some of the differences.

Do you use human hair?

Yes! I use 100% human Remy hair.

How often do they have to be maintained?

Natural Beaded Rows needs to be moved-up every 6-8 weeks depending how slowly or quickly your natural hair grows. Mane Luxe needs to be moved up every 7-10 weeks.

Am I a good candidate for extensions?

The Ideal candidate has at minimum, shoulder length hair. Since these methods are so customizable we always have people fill out our extension applications that way we can get a good idea of where you're at and what your goals are with extensions. Once filled out we're able to determine if our methods will be a good fit for you.

How much is the investment to experience NBR or Mane Luxe extension method?

Like I said above, these methods are customizable and depending on the needs of the client and what their desired result is the investment will range from $1500-$5500. It is really important to fill the application out because this is such a WIDE range for pricing. Once the application is filled out, your stylist will go over it and see what your goal is. We then prepare a custom quote for you and set up a 10–15 minute phone consultation. This investment Includes custom color for your hair, custom color for all wefts, hair cut for you, shaping for extensions, style along with before and after pictures, as well as a take home bag of products that we recommend for your hair and the extensions.

Can I put my hair up in a ponytail while wearing extensions?

Yes! You can wear your hair in a ponytail along with many other versatile styles.

Can I use conditioner on my extensions?

Yes, you are able to use conditioner without worrying that it will loosen your extensions!

Can I go swimming and do activities with my extensions?

Yes, you can swim and do other active activities with your extensions. We always walk our clients through the extra care that needs to be taken while doing these activities but there are many people out there, us included, that still get into water with their extensions.

How often do I have to get new hair?

We tell our clients 4-6 months is a good time to start replacing a few wefts per row to maintain the health of the extensions, but everyone is different. We’ve had clients that have worn their hair for 7-9 months without replacing hair, they took AMAZING care of it at home (this will not be the case for everyone)!

How often do I have to wash my hair?

We recommend washing 1-2 times a week, but we understand everyone's lifestyle is different as well as hair textures and densities. Some people will go longer, and some will wash every other day. Our stylists have GREAT tips for washing and styling at home. We walk each client through how to wash style and sleep with their extensions. We also offer blowout services for our extension clients!

If you're interested in extensions just click the link below!

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Monday- Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

*We are a by appointment only salon, this means we do not have the capacity to take walk-in clients.



* We do NOT have a receptionist. If you're needing to get in touch with your stylist, please text them. All messages are returned within 48 business hours if not sooner!

Contact information and other important details..

Cancellation Policy:


If a client cancels their appointment less than 24 hours before it begins or no-show's we do require the client to pay up to 50% of the service fee before re-booking with any stylist at our salon.

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